Version 1 and Women in Tech Initiative Winner ‘Women ReBOOT’

Each year, the Women in Tech Initiative recognises one not for profit organisation that has demonstrated exceptional initiative to promote women in tech. This year, leading Irish IT service provider Version 1 is the sponsor of this award category.  For 2018, the recipient of this title will be Women ReBOOT; a national tech sector initiative for experienced and qualified ICT women who have taken a career break. This initiative helps women seeking to return to the tech sector to develop the skills, competence and confidence to re-engage with technology businesses. Version 1 were delighted to see Women ReBOOT winning this Special Recognition Award as proud supporters of the initiative.


Version 1 were happy to share their positive experience of working with the Women ReBOOT initiative

Version 1 engaged with the Women ReBoot initiative this year as we firmly believe that talented candidates come from many different sources and backgrounds. It’s important for us to recognise that programmes like the Women ReBOOT initiative are as beneficial for the participating companies as they are for the candidates themselves.

Programmes like the Women ReBOOT initiative are important as they allow the candidates to rebuild the confidence they need to re-enter the workforce. There are women in Ireland that have been out of tech for a number of years that may not feel confident enough to directly apply for a position in a company (even if they are more than qualified for it) as they may doubt their abilities.

The Women ReBOOT initiative reminds these women that they are just as capable as any other candidate all the while working with them to upskill, prepare for interviews and ultimately return to the workforce. Version 1 has hired 4 women as a result of working with the Women’s ReBOOT (one in 2017 and three in 2018). The next round of the programme is November 2018 and we look to take on as many quality candidates as we can.

Version 1 have had a very positive experience working with the Women’s ReBOOT programme. Our management team were thoroughly impressed with the quality of candidates interviewed throughout the process and delighted to secure three very talented and motivated women to join our company. This year we were joined by Mary O’Connell, Amanda Bolton and Fiona Hickey – the most candidates from the initiative to join one participating company! Version 1 also made more offers than any other company as we were so impressed the quality and diversity of the candidates and for this reason, we fully intend to participate in the Women’s ReBoot moving forward.

Amanda Bolton

With a background in Project Management and SAP Consulting, Amanda Bolton joined Version 1 recently as a Project Manager. Amanda is one of three women in technology Version 1 was fortunate to recruit through the Women ReBOOT initiative. Following a career break, Amanda was keen to get her career back into gear but was unsure of the best route. She highly recommends the Women ReBOOT initiative for women from the IT space who may be unsure about getting back into the groove in IT following a break. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you are unsure, give it a go, otherwise you will never know. The Women ReBOOT initiative hosts seminars on IT upskilling, interview preparation and techniques, general back to work preparation as well as one-to-one coaching sessions coupled with an online learning platform.”


Mary O’Connell

Originally from Kerry, Mary O’Connell has joined Version 1 as a Project Manager through the Women ReBOOT initiative after a number of years overseas (in Zurich, Vienna, Auckland and Sydney). With a background in Software Development, Quality Management and Project Management, Mary was eager for a new chapter in her career. “The Women ReBOOT process is a robust, well-resourced programme with a good balance between technical, coaching and practical skills.  The work placement component is a great bonus which allows us to practice what we have learned and helps us re-engage in a real work environment.  So far, my work placement at Version 1 has been a really great experience, the first day of on-boarding was very useful, lots of information and since then everyone has been eager to help.  I am looking forward to continued career development and progress in Version 1, to be able to draw on my past work and life experiences and to add value to an exciting place to work. I am also looking forward to building a network and to getting to know my new work colleagues.”

Fiona Hickey, Project Manager at Version 1

Fiona Hickey joined Version 1 as a Project Manager from the Women ReBOOT programme. Her background in Project Management and Financial and Business Analysis which she gained over many years in the Financial sector.  Following a career break, Fiona recently completed a Ph.D. in Banking with a view to re-entering the workplace. Fiona’s advice for anyone seeking to return to tech is to upskill with your new career in mind.  “The Women ReBOOT programme provides assistance to women who have been out of the tech workplace for a period of time and who have taken steps to return. This worthy initiative goes the extra mile to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared, providing help with writing a CV, mentoring, interview preparation, re-building confidence and access to online learning platforms to ensure that your skills are up to date. They are worthy recipients of this award. The transition back to work has been made hugely easier by the warm welcome, support and positivity from everyone at Version 1.”

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