The Women of Consensys

ConsenSys and the Women in Tech Awards

ConsenSys is the largest and fastest growing blockchain company focused on building the Ethereum ecosystem. ConsenSys fosters an inclusive and collaborative culture and is proud to support the Women in Tech awards and inspire women to believe in themselves.

There is a need for talent and innovation in the blockchain community, and the possibilities for women are endless. With tremendous potential to alter the foundational structure of society, blockchain technology can revolutionize current models of power structures and hierarchies, and lead the way on progress towards inclusion, issues of intersectionality and the importance of diversity not only in the technology industry, but also society in general.

So who are some of the women of ConsenSys and what do they believe blockchain holds for us?

Claire Fitzpatrick, Strategic Operations Director

Claire joined ConsenSys with over 20 years’ experience having worked for large multinationals, consultancy firms, and as the founder of a successful start-up.  She leads the scaling of ConsenSys’ Ireland, including a development lab where engineers build and deliver Ethereum-based blockchain platforms.

At ConsenSys, Claire appreciates working with people across the globe from a wide array of backgrounds. ConsenSys is scaling at exponential speed and she believes blockchain technology represents a significant opportunity to bring transparency through simplification of processes, from both the enterprise and consumer perspective. In a world where trust is becoming more important, blockchain can unlock access to scarce resources for people where it is most needed.

Niamh O’Connell, Senior Consultant

Niamh is part of the Solutions arm of ConsenSys where the team develop customised enterprise applications and venturing opportunities. Niamh has experience working on enterprise engagements in Financial Services, Consumer Products and Supply Chain. She has co-authored a number of pieces covering Blockchain and supply chain, cybersecurity and control principles for financial institutions.

Niamh co-founded BlockW, focused on normalising blockchain and career opportunities for women in Ireland. Niamh runs BlockW meet up’s in Dublin and supports mentorship and collaboration initiatives for Women in Tech groups.

Niamh believes blockchain will enable better distribution of wealth and access to services and is passionate about educating people on how blockchain and Web 3.0 can improve business and our lives.

Rachel O’Brien, Developer

Rachel joined ConsenSys Dublin as a Full Stack Engineer. She previously worked as a Software Developer at Facebook, focused on abuse mitigation through Haskell. Prior to that, Rachel worked for IBM Watson Health.

Rachel joined ConsenSys to help build the future. ConsenSys is developing the newest and most innovative technologies that will be the building blocks for the world as we know it. Rachel is excited about the social good that blockchain can have all around the world, be that in election integrity, rewarding aid workers, or just paving the way for financial inclusion for all. She believes we haven’t even scratched the surface on what can be achieved in this space.

Aislinn Kelly, Product Design

Aislinn is a senior product designer on the ConsenSys Dublin team, focusing on shaping the product strategy, design and user experience of a new breed of decentralised applications. She brings expertise in product and brand development, user research, UX and interaction design.

Aislinn has over a decade’s experience working in the tech industry. Previously, she focused on building analytical and fintech software for B2B and B2C clients.

Aislinn was drawn to working with blockchain due to her belief that the technology has the potential to fundamentally alter the economic, social, and political operating systems of the world. She joined ConsenSys because of the company’s mission – to build an ecosystem based on decentralised technology.

Johanna Moran, Community Lead

Johanna leads Community for the ConsenSys Dublin Innovation Studio. Before joining ConsenSys, Johanna worked with Dogpatch Labs and SoftLayer, an IBM company. Johanna has worked as Project Manager for software development, lead SoftLayer’s startup programme for EMEA and managed partnerships at Dogpatch Labs. Johanna holds a Computer Science degree from Trinity College and BSc in Physiotherapy from The Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.

Johanna is excited about the idea of building a new financial and governance system. ConsenSys recognises that for this system to be truly global and representative, it must strive for inclusivity and diversity from the beginning. She is specifically interested in healthcare blockchain opportunities.

In addition, Johanna believes blockchain provides opportunities to people who haven’t been previously represented.