Sponsor Spotlight: Nitro – Proud Sponsor of the Cultural Inclusion Award

The Diversity in Tech Awards are delighted to have Nitro as a sponsor for the 2020 awards ceremony. Nitro is the sponsor of the Cultural Inclusion Award. Here’s what Nitro had to say about their sponsorship of the Diversity in Tech Awards: 

“Nitro is a global document productivity company. We help organizations of all sizes eliminate paper, accelerate business processes, and drive digital transformation by providing PDF productivity and eSigning for all in a single, affordable solution. Nitro helps drive digital transformation across more than 10,000 businesses globally, including 65% of the 2019 Fortune 500. Nitro headquarters are in San Francisco, with offices in Dublin, London, and Melbourne.

At Nitro, our culture is underpinned by Our Company Values but in particular our “Be Good” value. Culture shouldn’t be contrived, easy to replicate or manufacture. Instead it should be the deep rooted beliefs of how the company and employees operate and the standard to which they hold themselves accountable. Within Nitro, we have a vastly diverse workforce, globally, across numerous regions, with a large number of nationalities, races and beliefs. Our diverse workforce helps us drive a culture that evolves organically to be more inclusive & equitable as we grow, where all employees can strive to reach their full potential. Regardless of nationality, background, race, sexual orientation etc all our employees share our common core values. We hire great humans that keep our culture alive and thriving. Because culture is so important at Nitro, we felt it appropriate to sponsor the Cultural Inclusion Award. Any company who can effect an inclusive culture where ALL employees are empowered to realise their full potential is already on a great path to success.”

The winner of the Nitro sponsored Cultural Inclusion Award is Sensata Technologies.