PwC sponsors the HR Diversity Award

PwC sponsors HR Diversity Award

For businesses in Ireland to be successful and serve our clients, stakeholders and our communities, we need to leverage the full extent of the diverse pool of talent available to us.

As we know, we are living in an era where technology-driven change is having a profound impact on all of our lives.  In a business context, no industry is exempt. Keeping pace with the rapid disruption caused by automation, artificial intelligence and emerging technology requires more than just technical ability.

Adding value in the digital age, requires us to leverage the benefit of our different experiences, skills and backgrounds.
To do this, we must encourage, support and empower our people to reach their full potential, all the while being authentic to their true selves.
Having the right mix of talent is critical as companies look to apply their capabilities in more innovative ways, partner successfully and use technology effectively.

At PwC, we know the importance of diversity and actively seek to recruit and retain people with a variety of backgrounds, perspectives and capabilities.
Our Diversity & Inclusion (“D&I”) Council was established in 2017 to champion the Firm’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy and bring it to life under four core pillars: Gender diversity; Cultural diversity; Generational diversity; and Shine (LGBTQ+).

Gender Diversity – Our Gender diversity pillar is committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace and bridging the gender gap. We are building awareness of unconscious bias within leadership teams and ensuring gender equality is embedded in our people policies and throughout our recruitment process.

In March 2019 we communicated our Gender Pay Gap ahead of legislation and put in place an action plan to close the gap.
This year we are establishing a Women in Tech network in PwC.  The mission of our Women in Tech initiative is to empower, educate and mentor women in Technology in PwC, to attract talent, create a group for support and create topics of discussion to make PwC a greater workplace for Women in Technology.

  • Cultural diversity – We have in the region of 59 nationalities represented in PwC Ireland and our international community is continuing to grow. Our cultural diversity pillar provides a forum for our people to network, meet new people and strengthen relationships with people from different backgrounds.
  • Generational diversity – Our Generational diversity pillar supports the firm to build awareness and understanding of the many generations in the workforce today. We have identified the value that generational diversity brings to our workplace, and we aim to harness the power of this type of diversity for everyone at the Firm.
  • Shine – Our LGBTQ+ group members shine the light on the critical issues that impact this diverse and underrepresented community, supporting our people to bring their authentic selves to PwC. Our Shine Ally network launched in June 2019 encouraging our people to be an ally and make PwC a place where difference is valued.

We are delighted to sponsor the HR Diversity Award, which recognises the contribution HR teams have made to establish and grow diversity initiatives in their organisations. We look forward to hearing about all the various initiatives and sharing our experiences.