Specialisterne – Winner of the Diversity in Tech Impact Award

‘’Winning the “Diversity Impact Award ”, for which we are very grateful, means further recognition and raising awareness of our work with autistic people, and those with similar challenges.  It’s particularly important at this time, as it further increases the awareness levels of our support services to employers which our team is delivering throughout Ireland. This ultimately helps us to grow the number of businesses who will join our growing number of existing partner employers,  which is currently 35.  And, ultimately is of benefit to the unemployed candidates that we place in employment.‘ 

– Peter Brabazon, CEO of Specialisterne 

Specialisterne Ireland is a specialist consultancy that recruits and supports talented people on the autism spectrum and those with similar neurodiverse challenges in gaining employment. 

The company was set up in 2013 to support people on the autism spectrum to gain and maintain employment in an Irish context. Specialisterne Ireland has developed hiring and management practices that facilitate the employment of a candidate by removing the barriers to once inaccessible industries and careers. Since its establishment in 2013, Specialisterne Ireland has successfully partnered with more than 30 companies. 

Specialisterne Ireland, along with Specialisterne organisations worldwide are working to prove the business value in hiring people who think and communicate differently and to build capacity for diversity in the labour market.

The business helps employers recruit and retain talented people and grow diverse, effective teams. They are a national organisation, which partners with local service providers and businesses to develop the most sustainable programmes possible while developing a mentorship/management model to enable employers to expand their recruitment to include graduates on the autism spectrum and those with similar challenges. 

As part of the Specialist People Foundation, Specialisterne Ireland contributes to a global aim of one million jobs for people on the autism spectrum.

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