Sponsor Spotlight: ADAPT – Proud Sponsor of the Entrepreneur Award

The Diversity in Tech Awards is delighted to have ADAPT as a sponsor for the 2021 awards ceremony.

“The SFI ADAPT Centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology has been driving research in artificial intelligence and digital media for over ten years (www.adaptcentre.ie). At ADAPT, entrepreneurs and researchers collaborate and innovate in conjunction with industry partners to solve the problems that will lead to commercial opportunities for spinout startup companies. Our mission is to advance pioneering multidisciplinary research in AI-driven digital content technology to co-create ground-breaking capabilities that drive economic and societal impact.

The ADAPT Centre is delighted to sponsor the Entrepreneur category at the Diversity in Tech Awards. This year, more than ever before, there has been a paradigm shift towards digital living and working and out of that we are witnessing inspirational leaps in AI driven innovation. At ADAPT we attest that diversity fosters innovation and we are honoured to be recognising that innovation today.” – Olivia Waters, Marketing and Communications Manager, ADAPT.

ADAPT, the world-leading SFI Research Centre for AI Driven Digital Content Technology, brings leading academics, researchers and industry partners together to deliver excellent science, engage the public, develop novel solutions for business across all sectors and enhance Ireland’s international reputation.

ADAPT’s research vision is to pioneer new forms of proactive, scalable, and integrated AI-driven Digital Media Technology that empower individuals and society to engage in digital experiences with control, inclusion, and accountability with the long-term goal of a balanced digital society by 2030.

ADAPT’s international research leadership, research excellence, industry collaborations, multidisciplinary outlook, strategic national position and the opportunities arising from its scale, make our researchers highly sought after for collaboration and highly competitive in international funding programmes and has competitively won over 40 European Research Projects.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities for this event, please contact Dan at dan@dublintechsummit.com.